Ebay International Sellers Agreement

While this makes international growth on eBay simple and straighte, remember that you may not see the big boost to global sales you`ve been waiting for. All you have to do is maintain an excellent level of customer service for a certain period of time. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. However, the expectations of top sellers differ when comparing the minimum standards required for all eBay sellers. For example, the maximum percentage for orders with defects for all eBay sellers is 2%, but for top eBay sellers, they are 0.5%. Before sending internationally to eBay, you need to make sure that you meet the account requirements for overseas selling. This includes an account eBay.co.uk seller and at least 10 positive return points as a seller. You can receive positive feedback by selling first in the UK and providing a good experience for your customers! In order to use the global shipping program, sellers must be based in the UK and eBay.co.uk products. The only cost incurred is the cost of sending the items to the UK shipping centre – you don`t have to worry about international shipping costs. Are you an eBay Germany seller? Look here at UK tax legislation for online sellers who use marketplaces. In addition, eBay offers a version of the marketplace available only for purchase for about 190 countries, in which advanced and simple sellers can sell by offering ports on a global scale. Although basic international offers on eBay are displayed as usual in search results, buyers can still filter international items if they wish.

This can reduce your visibility into the market, which can affect your global sales. As an eBay international seller, there are four standard selling programs to determine your seller status in certain countries. This includes the following: If you are selling internationally for the first time, eBay prompts you to accept the international sales agreement. This includes information about payments and money-back guarantees for your customers….