Consignment Space Rental Agreement

Seller Service Days and Work Plan – In order for us to keep our rental fees competitive, sellers must work in the mall. It is a simple fact; Sellers who « work » tend to sell more items! Each salesperson must work downtown two days a month for 100 square feet (3 days for up to 200 square feet and 4 days for up to 300 square feet). Registration for working days is allowed up to a shift (3 months) simultaneously after the first visit. Holly Antiques must be notified 24 hours in advance if the seller is not available to work on a given day when a pennant is leased. For salespeople who can`t work or choose not to work their days of service, Holly Antiques makes available to someone who covers your position for a fee of $35 per day. These working days are in addition to regular visits to refresh, dust and fill your stand. On business days, salespeople are responsible for greeting and supporting customers, working « on the floor, » answering questions, and providing support to Holly Antique staff if needed. Sellers are responsible for keeping their own premises and property clean and suitable. Peddler`s Paradise Monroe is responsible for the walkways, washrooms and community space of the market. Vendors can set up time to use the ground floor for DIY nights. This is an opportunity for you to earn money and present your stand. Peddler`s Paradise Monroe receives 25% of the total fee the seller receives for DIY nights instead of charging a flat rent. (Example: the seller receives $100, then the fee is paid $25 to Peddlers Paradise Monroe) Peddler`s Paradise Monroe will post courses on its Facebook page and website so people can sign up and pay in advance.

By signing this contract, the seller agrees to be responsible for the attractive presentation of the agreed goods inside the assigned place. The supplier is responsible for maintaining a clean and welcoming environment inside the stand. to keep their products only in approved zones. The seller understands that the shop is not responsible for the loss of an item due to theft or damage and that the shop is not responsible for the insurance of the seller`s property, whether for sale or exhibition. Seller understands that all items remaining at Booth two (2) calendar days after termination of the Rental Agreement become the property of Store, unless other agreements are made in writing. The reset situation can take place every day of the week during business hours. Due to the high volume of purchases, it is preferable that resets are not done on weekends (Sa/So). All goods must be kept in the space allocated by each supplier. The customer`s sidewalks must not be hindered by goods. Sellers are responsible for their own storefronts/tables/bookcases or anything else they need to display their products, unless there are shelves available in my store that they can rent. The listing must be approved by Peddler`s Paradise Monroe.

I have read the supplier`s agreement and accept the terms as stated. Thank you for requesting information about Monroe`s lively new marketplace, which features local artisans, artists and other suppliers. We offer quality items to our customers. Our stand prices are competitive with other local comparators. We will work the hardest to attract as many customers as possible to buy your goods. Peddler`s Paradise Monroe offers a variety of break spaces and wants to work with you to meet your specific needs. We show all the goods in a safe, clean and organized environment for our buyers to come back again and again. To be able to use yourself more effectively, we ask you to respect the rules and regulations below. Store hours, operating days and advertising campaigns can and will be changed and the signing of the supplier agreement is not binding on Peddler`s Paradise Monroe. The lease is month after month. Peddlers Paradise Monroe recommends the seller to stay at least 3-4 months to see how things work.

Only the seller who signs the agreement can store their area/shop and remove items from their area/store….