Group Sales Agreement Hotel

A group document is an operational document and not a legal contract. It is used by the hotel`s sales team to put all the information about an incoming group on a few pages. This document is then usually distributed to each of the hotel`s departments so that they can coordinate to offer the group a personalized and welcoming experience. A proposal is often only the first step. Once a lead is interested, they will start negotiating the details with you or a member of your hotel`s sales team. Negotiations may be personal, oral or e-mail, but if successful, they will ultimately result in a contract being sent. Contracts are an important step in the sale process, as it is important to prosecute interested parties until an agreement is reached. We advise you to always set a « next step » with each interested person with a date and time set in the calendar. If you have accepted items, rooms or other free details as part of your group contract, make sure they are included. Determine if the value of the product can be deducted from the main account if it is to be assigned.

Also make sure you understand if they are cumulative or calculated daily. The first step towards building a first-rate hotel sales process is to install a system. We recommend something visual that represents every step of the sales process step by step. If you can see what step your client needs to take, from the moment they find out until they leave your property as a satisfied guest, you are already ahead of the competition. We also recommend that you record all the major hotel sales documents you need while you go through the process. From proposals to contracts to operational documents such as banquet orders and group resumes, every document you send will be an opportunity to create a closer and longer link between your host and your property. To present your hotel in the best possible light, we advise you to take the time to really shine your sales documents. Hire a graphic designer if you like, or use sales and restoration software that generates great documents for you. Make sure your entire sales team at your hotel knows where the documents are stored and how they are used in your sales process. At Event Temple, we have worked to establish vast hotel sales resources. This manual is designed to provide you with everything you need to get your sales documentation in order. You need different sales agreements for group transactions, meetings, business rates and more.

When discussing the payment, make sure it is described in your group contract. Find out if there are deposits and when they are due and if the balance can be paid in increments.