Bca Consultancy Agreement

When the projects are awarded, individual contracts are signed between the Government Procuring Entity (GPE) and the consultant/consortium of each discipline. Current Standard Advisory Agreements are: Procurement Framework for Public Sector Projects Objective Evaluation Methods for Contracting Contracts and Public Works Advisory Services For consultants who wish to be listed on PSPC, they must be compliant with public sector consultant panels (PSPC) of companies providing public works consulting services. The consortium must ask the BCA (bca_pspc@bca.gov.sg) to review its eligibility at least five working days before the end of the expression of interest (EOI) phase. Companies can refer to the guidelines for more details on the review process. The purpose of this review procedure is to evaluate tenders and consortia that have verified that they have met the requirements will not be included on the PSPC list. Public Consultant Panels (PSPCs) register companies that provide consulting services in five key disciplines. The PSPC should be adopted in conjunction with the Fairy Quality Method (QFM) for the acquisition of consulting services for public sector construction projects in Singapore. The standardized format increases familiarity, reduces tendering costs and promotes greater efficiency in order management. In order to encourage closer cooperation and trust between stakeholders in the construction environment sector, we have developed a series of cooperation clauses with industry associations and government authorities. The provisions on cooperation contracts are currently being tested in projects selected by the public sector. Further details will be available when they are ready.

Each discipline remains divided into 4 panels, with the value of projects for which companies can tender is limited accordingly. Each company can apply to be listed in several disciplines, but can only be listed in 1 panel under each discipline. Public Sector Conditions Of Contract (PSSCOC) A company is listed annually on PSPC from April 1 to March 31. The annual renewal will take place from January 1 to March 15.