Adobe Reader Xi Distribution License Agreement

(3) As a specific exception to the above, a distributor that distributes copies of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on an Intranet, as authorized in Section 2.2 (A), may remove the view of the end-user license agreement in accordance with each customization assistant and documentation provided by Adobe, and provide that the distributor accepts the terms of that agreement for itself and for all end-users prior to the broadcast. 2.5 Programming languages. The software may contain parts of ExtendScript`s SDK and the Bender pixel SDK. Subject to the limitations set out in this section 2, Adobe grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and free license for the use of SDK ExtendScript and Pixel Bender SDK elements only for the internal development of application programs designed for adobe products. Unless expressly stated in this section 2.5, no part of the SDK extendScript or Bender SDK pixel can be modified or distributed. The client undertakes to exempt, retain and defend Adobe from losses, damages, claims or lawsuits, including legal fees resulting from or resulting from such distribution. (E) The DC modification of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Notwithstanding the change ban mentioned above, the distributor may customize or extend the functionality of The Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installer, as is expressly permitted in the or instructions (for example. B installation of additional help files and modules).

The distributor must not edit, translate, edit or edit Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. (2) If the software proposes or displays such an agreement as part of its installation, the distributor will not configure the software in such a way as to avoid such an offer or display. 16.6.3, the customer can bring a copy of the font used by the Client for a particular file to a printer or other service office, and such a service office may use the font or fonts for the processing of his file, provided that this service office has a valid license for the use of this specific font software. (G) « software » means (a) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and (b) updates to the above software products, made available to Adobe`s distributor for release under this agreement. 14.3 Activation. The software may require the customer (a) to receive an Adobe ID, (b) activates or reactivates the software, (c) records the software or (d) validates membership. Such a requirement can lead the customer`s computer to connect regularly to the Internet during installation, start-up and afterwards. Once connected, the software collects and transmits information to Adobe, as described in (« Activation Conditions »). The software or customer may also receive information from Adobe about the customer`s license, subscription or membership.

Adobe may use this information to detect or prevent fraudulent or unauthorized uses that are not included in a valid license, subscription or subscription.