Spa Agreement Between Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines has signed a special agreement with Qantas Airways (SPA). It offers passengers and airlines far greater benefits than a standard interconnection agreement. THE CE- QF have jointly solicited and obtained antitrust Immunity (ATI) from the United Arab Emirates, Australia and New Zealand, allowing them to coordinate in areas such as pricing and market capacity between these countries. Airlines must continue to develop innovative ways to expand their reach, without using excessive capital to launch unsustainable operations. Airline partnerships will certainly remain essential to ensure the sustainability of the industry. However, there is an urgent need to strengthen discipline to identify partnerships to be established and to measure and implement these partnerships with convincing precision. Airlines will continue to cooperate bilaterally and multilaterally through alliances and JVs. New airlines in partnerships focus on alliances, but not all have exploited the full potential of their own networks and do not recognize the benefits of bilateral and multilateral partnerships; Whether it`s a simple interline agreement, SPA, codeshare, member of an alliance or a joint venture. The implementation of interline agreements requires a counting according to the rules established for multilateral or bilateral agreements. This can be difficult due to the multiplicity of agreements with different airlines and the regular introduction of changes to payment rules. At some point, the cost of billing and matching the airline`s receivables and the entire airline industry becomes inefficient. Interline`s efficiency is also affected by delays when the airline does not receive timely revenue due to invoice correspondence.

The exact operation of this revenue-sharing agreement depends on the concrete agreement, but the idea is that two airlines essentially act as airlines as part of a joint venture. 1.qr has entered into an agreement with VN -AIRLINES HAVING AGREEMENT WITH: QR VN T P E Air route revenues, which consist of transport on a flight (shared code segment or other) operated by a carrier linked to one flight (shared code segment or other) operated by the other airline (hereinafter referred to as « transit flights ») between airlines , in accordance with a special agreement between the airlines They are divided. , a copy of this copy in Appendix A (the « special agreement »). LOT Polish Airlines is also negotiating sharing agreements with other partners to facilitate travel to Southeast Asia and Australia. It is rumoured that Singapore Airlines is one of these potential partners.