Legal Agreement Meaning In Spanish

Legal terminology is difficult in itself, but the legal field also has a range of specializations, each with its own language. It is important to work with a legal translator who has experience with your specialty. Experienced translators from English to Spanish Raleigh translate contracts, business documents, annual accounts, identification documents, filings and even law firm websites. The only way to ensure a precise translation is to check it point by point, inconsistency clause clause. In an ideal situation, a translation is carried out by a lawyer (either within your firm or by a contract lawyer hired, abroad or on the spot) who can provide legal advice on the correct language to use in translation. In situations where this is not possible, translation companies with experience in developing legal documents and explaining the implications should be used in the choice of words, so that the lawyer who does not speak the foreign language will be able to make decisions about the choice of words. If the lawyer does not have the foreign language capability and the client does not wish to hire an additional lawyer to confirm the translation, the client should be notified of the potential for inappropriate translation and the impact on the terms of the contract. These conditions would clearly be contrary to any client-lawyer agreement. The owner and chief trainer, Elsa Jimenez, is a Mexican lawyer who understands the law and the importance of client confidentiality. You can be sure that your customers; The documents are in the hands of trust! In the area of private law, we usually find contracts within the framework of convenios, that is, the voluntary agreement for the creation and transfer of obligations and rights. On the other hand, a convenio not only creates and transfers these rights and obligations, but alters or dissolves them. Examples of contracts and legal documents that we often translate often impose strict deadlines, especially when necessary in the context of legal proceedings. Inadequate machine-translated documents can lead to delays.

For example, an automatic translation of a repository may contain a grammatical defect that implies that your client was in a place, instead of simply mentioning that he or she was nearby or that he or she passed earlier in the day.