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Temporary employment is now widespread in industrialized countries and the number of fixed-term contracts continues to increase, which has raised many concerns. In this context, we give a new insight into the multiple socio-economic consequences of temporary employment. The project is innovative in terms of the theories used, as it develops a dynamic and interdisciplinary model that combines ideas of sociology, economics, psychology and social policy. In particular, we will have a new global understanding of the impact of temporary work on the risk of poverty and material deprivation, as well as on subjective well-being. In order to ensure productivity, the impact on the individual of the easing of the labour market through temporary employment is very important for labour market policies. For example, by looking at subjective well-being, we can examine, from a longer-term perspective, whether job insecurity is also reflected in people`s well-being. Because depression can put significant pressures on the health care system and a significant loss of labour, it is important to determine predictors of the health care system. In addition, subgroup analyses, by gender. B, by gender, age or level of education of interviewees, seek to learn from the heterogeneity of the effects of temporary work at the individual level. In addition, we will highlight the socio-economic consequences of temporary work from a dynamic CV perspective.

The selection of temporary jobs, the diversity of these variables and the dynamics of dependent variables are studied using data that track temporary workers and the households in which they live over time. [8] Traynor, Ian. Dead Arkan leads decent inferno. The Guardian, 29 May (www.sowi.uni-mannheim.de/militias-public/data/pgag/360/evidence/). Recognition of the benefit is made for students in political science, sociology and psychology at the ZPA office, where you apply for recognition abroad. The Transcript of Records is your host university`s certificate of benefits and grades. To be recognized, you must check the Transcript of Records in the original (with the signature and stamp of the issuing institution) or by the AAA or the overseas coordination of the department (for example, if the Transcript of Records was transmitted only as a pdf file).