Housing Agreement

HFS provides housing for the provision of educational services through the UW. The HFS is committed to providing students with an environment conducive to the search for knowledge. Housing contracts are legal and mandatory documents between you and the UW. It is important to understand that you are responsible for all the provisions of your housing contract. HFS recommends that you read your contract before sending it electronically, as well as contact the Student Services Office if you need help understanding the guidelines. -Filing deadline: December 21, 2018 at 2 p.m. – All residents of Luther and Wollaeger Halls must leave the residence until that date. Residents of Holst and Hyatt can stay in their rooms during the break, but must register for break accommodations. The filing of the payment of the housing application fee and the allocation of accommodation by the university includes the student in a legally binding contract with the university and financially obliges the student to pay for the duration of the housing licence agreement. The following rules govern the use of dining rooms by students of the residence and constitute an agreement between the university and the student. The agreements refer to our community standards and guidelines. Students applying for on-campus accommodation in 2020-21 can consult the 2020-21 Housing Contract: Break Closing: The university does not provide temporary accommodation during breaks.

With the exception of South Donahue and Boyd Halls, all residences close during Thanksgiving, winter and spring break. Residents should not be in other rooms during breaks and may only enter the halls when the halls are officially reopened. Note that due to maintenance work that can only be done during breaks, procurement services (for example. B, heat, air conditioning, electricity, water) can be interrupted. Be sure to separate all the electronics before you go to the break. During breaks, Auburn property management staff may move furniture or other items to use heating and cooling systems in the hill and quad bike. 5. Cancellation/unlocking. This agreement obliges the resident for the entire year of study. Residents can cancel their application without penalty if the notification is received before May 1. New residents should contact the registration office.

Returnees must send a written notification to the Residence Life Office. Termination after May 1 results in the forfeiture of the down payment This contract is by no means comprehensive, but can help determine expectations. The people in the room, in the suite or in the apartment discuss each section and develop guidelines on which everyone can agree and with whom they can live for the academic year. Once the agreement is reached, the terms of the agreement can be renegotiated at any time during the year, with the support of the RA. Don`t hesitate to ask your RA for help if you need it. All students are expected to take out a university residence, suitemate or apartment contract when they move in. This agreement between roommates, roommates or roommates ensures that everyone`s rights are respected and that the roommates have discussed their expectations while sharing a home. to clarify expectations, to talk about concerns before they develop into conflict, and the willingness to compromise helps pave the way for fruitful relationships. This day care agreement is mandatory for both autumn and spring semesters, unless it is terminated by the university for termination of the housing contract, academic withdrawal or medical leave authorized by the university. Unless appropriate accommodation is provided related to authorized medical leave, no credit is granted if any of these changes occur after the 8th week of the semester from the beginning of the semester.