Gustar Agreement

If gustar/ to like is followed by one or more infinitives (un conjugated verbs), the third person singular conjugation is used for gustar. NOTE: If the thing is not a name, but an action (expressed by a verb in the infinitive), « gustar » is used in the singular of the third person. One of the main reasons why we always fail with verbs like gustar is that we do not mentally separate them from the rest. To remember that these kinds of verbs require a retrograde way of thinking, it is essential that they be studied separately. Now that you understand that every word that follows the verb gustar is the subject, you can better understand these examples: in real life, however, the singular verb (singular if it precedes two subjects) is much more used than the Academy suggests. Although verbs as gustar in the daily language have two countable themes, the singular verb is generally used. In the following examples, both sentences could be uttered by native speakers, but the first is heard more often, although the second grammatical is preferable to the Academy: Remember, gustar will be gusta or gustan, depending on whether the theme of the sentence is singular or plural. This has nothing to do with the IO pronoun used. What if you like more than one thing? Now we have to combine gustar in a different way. We need the plural form, gustan, since we now have a plural theme. A few examples: of all the delicate concepts of the Spanish language, the verb gustar was undoubtedly one of the most difficult for me to master. In 2013, I taught at a Spanish immersion camp in the forests of Minnesota, where native speakers from all over the world came to teach. Trying to make a small conversation with a man from Barcelona, I said: Me gustan los mosquitos, and he immediately smiles and exchanges with his Argentine friend Nudges and whispers.

As I said before, the key to avoiding confusion is to create possible phrases that might arise in the conversation and practice them in advance. Things can easily be confused with these types of verbs, but not when you are ready. Now that you have the basic concept below, the remaining verbs should come pretty easily. Here is a list of other annoying verbs that work like gustar. Yo se que a ellos the go a gustar mi idea. – I know they will like my idea. So how do we translate « Pizza I like »? Well, we have to make another change before we can translate.