Gerstein General Agreement

The list below describes criminal complaints or labour law prosecutions by the offices of the State Corporation ag from 2018 to 2020. In some states, such as California, Massachusetts and New York, the GA offices have a history of criminal enforcement of labour rights that goes back more than a decade or more. Other national offices of the GA have recently begun their first criminal proceedings against wage theft or similar cases. To date, GAs have generally not resulted in criminal prosecutions of occupational health and safety, while a number of district attorneys have done so;31 is an area in which GAs may consider engaging. The use of competition bans by employers has increased in recent years. These agreements prevent people from working for their former employer`s competitors and have been used sparingly to prevent, for example, executives with trade secrets or confidential business information from sharing them with new employers. Today, they are often used indiscriminately to cool employees` professional mobility without having access to this information. A 2015 study showed that 40% of Americans, at some point in their careers, rehabilitating a non-compete clause. As lawyers, we have worked on non-competition cases for janitors, receptionists, customer service staff, young journalists, even daycare staff. 6.

Such complementary and overlapping jurisdiction exists in other areas: many attorneys general enforce environmental, consumer or civil rights laws, although there are governments that are the primary regulators of the industries concerned and the enforcement of those laws in general. Attorneys general can influence labour and employment policies by filing amicus35 letters in cases of work and employment, individually and through coordinated efforts by several states. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania Attorney General`s Offices (Mass. & Pa. AG). 2018. Letter in response to letters sent to liberty Justice Center states following Janus` decision. Signed by representatives of nine attorneys general, October 5, 2018 While it is not essential for attorneys general to have this type of work-specific jurisdiction to take measures to protect workers, and while some have done so without them and without specific funding for work, it is certainly useful for an office to have assigned such jurisdiction and a specific legal team in this area.